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Wink and communicate in real time. This project is open source and currently under development.

Prototype of the WinkUp software

What is WinkUp?

WinkUp is a software currently in development that has for main goal to allow people with severe motor disabilities to communicate by only using their eyes. The users will be able to communicate only by blinking. To know more about how it works, more infos on the docs page are coming soon!


Why using or contributing to WinkUp?

While it exists other softwares able to handle this kind of tasks, WinkUp has for main purpose to be totally free and to be directly accessible via a web browser. WinkUp will also use state of the art machine learning methods to achieve high accuracy when interacting with users.


How can I contribute?

There is different ways to contribute. You can support the WinkUp project financially or by helping us to gather data in order to improve the performance of the software. If you're a programmer/data analyst or have any other skills that you think could benefit WinkUp, feel free to send me an email at and I'd be glad to get you started!


Our goal is to create a free, accurate and easy to use open source web app, that will allow any user around the world to communicate.

Gauthier Piarrette - Founder of

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